lainey Mcminn

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Once I fell in love with yoga, it bled over into my passion and it became my yogic path to share this life-changing practice with others and in my community. My chosen discipline is Ananda Yoga, or, Yoga Bliss.

Yoga has always been a means of finding stability for me; during my practice, I can be completely in tune with my body and my emotions... I can be myself. Growing up, my life was in constant motion and and it was hard to ever feel really grounded. My mom worked hard to raise me on her own and we moved around a lot before she married my dad, the Chief of Police on a small indian reservation. In the mid 2000’s, my life was completely shaken again when my dad was shot in the line of duty. Thankfully he survived, but the incident uprooted and destabilized our family, and set us back onto shakey ground. 

Over the next few years, my family fought to endure anxiety, depression, and prescription pill addiction. When we finally moved to Oregon, we were all given a chance to heal. My mom taught me all she knew of meditation, and I found yoga through a college course. Yoga and meditation made me feel so secure in myself and helped me to be okay and find stability with what was happening around me; I have been devoted to developing and deepening my spiritual practice ever since. 

I believe that everyone can benefit in some way from the practice of yoga. I believe that yoga is a personal haven and practice and not solely based upon anyone else's standards or form. Yoga should be a place, a sanctuary really, that every person has access to that is built on the foundation of that person's own individual need. I love telling my students, "it's not about what a pose looks like, it's about how it feels". My motto is, “No Pain, No Pain” and we use each pose as a chance to journey inward.

I can't wait to practice with you, namaste!