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I came to yoga during an incredibly transformative time in my life…. I was starting over, finding a new way to live, committing to new ways to honor my body and my spirit. I didn’t know how transformative it would be, but i had a sense that yoga would be a game changer. I had just begun to learn to surf; I was already tight and imbalanced from my current and past intense physical activities, which included regular running at the time, and i felt I needed more strength. And I did need literal strength, but I needed more than that too. 

Over the next 10 years, life proved to be intensely challenging on many levels. I needed to find a deep well of emotional, spiritual, AND physical strength.  I dedicated myself to going to my yoga mat four times a week, while i embraced surfing.  My body, mind and spirit began to lengthen, strengthen, and find freedom; I learned how to be present and open. I began teaching surfing lessons a year later. I also fell in love with yoga and did an intensive teacher training with Tiffany Cruikshank in Portland and Hawaii specializing in Power Vinyasa, and have grown with every part of my yoga journey.  

Fast forward to now… All of this is happening alongside my developing work as a professional photographer, and I believe yoga has been an integral part of my path, allowing me to express my vision more deeply while working with clients in more connected ways and helping them shine!  The strength that came to me through yoga ultimately held me together through my biggest life challenge, being right by my Dad’s side while he battled Parkinson’s Disease. Being there for him was one of the hardest and best things I’ve ever done. In addition, opening my heart through this life journey has led me to my love for music, and now I’m singing, songwriting, and performing in the group Adams & Costello, where i continue to find my voice. 

Teaching yoga is a way for me to connect with others, help people remove their layers, and guide them to see with their open eyes, new life within.   No matter where a person is starting from, I want to meet them where they are and help them move to the next place.