Accountability Partner Program

Launches February 16th

$80/Autopay Monthly Unlimited Class Pass

We want to help our community set and achieve their health, wellness, and fitness goals! To help you do this, we are launching an Accountability Partner Program this February. Through this program we aim to:

  • Give you and your partner new tools and support in achieving your goals together.

  • Create a community of partners who want to inspire and support each other through the process of setting & achieving goals.

  • Work with you to establish milestones and create a system for tracking and rewarding your progress.

  • Customize an experience for you and your partner based on your individual and joint goals.

    If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, fill out the questionnaire below! (There is no commitment necessary to complete the questionnaire)


7-Part Series: Journey Through the Chakras

Second Event - Tapping Your Center for Creativity

SaturDAY, MAy 11th 4-6pm

Early Bird Rate $40 until May 1st / Full Price $45

Journey through the self, to the self. Explore your system of energetic centers and align them through the process of discussion, movement, sound healing, mantra, and meditation in this special 7-part series.

This second event of the series will focus on alignment of the 2nd Chakra, our body’s center for Creative Energy. Lainey will guide the group through a discussion and yoga class set to the ethereal sounds of Sedona Fire Band’s singing bowl performance. Savasana will be set to the chakral toning of the bowls and then the group will chant mantra and participate in a special kirtan designed to align the second chakra. Workshop is limited to 15 participants. Advance registration required.


Seasonal Restorative: Balancing Vata Dosha

Thursday, november 21st 2019, 6-7:30pm

Price $20 (regular class packages do not apply)

Lexie’s Restorative Yoga is a deeply relaxing practice designed to support your body’s parasympathetic nervous system in alignment with the Ayurvedic seasons. The parasympathetic nervous system is called our rest and digest mechanism and is our body’s natural system of balance for resetting the adverse physiological impact of our fight and flight mechanism which is activated during times of stress, fear, distraction, and chaos. Students of this practice learn how to balance the body’s systems with those of nature, and can expect deeper sleep and relief from stress, anxiety, and even chronic pain.

Class is limited to 12 participants.

Drop-Ins Welcome. Pre-registration will be available here soon.


Bryn’s Yoga Boot Camp

APRIL 8-19, 2019


Power up and prepare to sweat! More than a normal yoga class, this combination of calisthenics, circuit training, body weight strengthening and deep stretching will focus on different muscle groups throughout the week. You'll work out and flow at a rigorous, energetic pace to lively, upbeat music that is sure to jump-start your day!

Classes are 7-8am, Monday-Friday for two weeks, April 8-19, 2019. Pre-registration is required. Your payment for this 2-week series will ALSO include unlimited access to regular classes at the studio for the month of April!



200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program

AUGUST 1-31, 2019

Early Bird Rate $2,500 / Full Price $2,750

Do you love Yoga and want to take it to the next level?

Deepen your practice, expand your knowledge, and join us for a transformative experience. Learn how to safely and effectively share yoga with people from all walks of life. Broaden your understanding of yogic practices & learn how to live your yoga off the mat. Grow your awareness while developing your spiritual connection all within a kind & supportive community. 

If that isn't appealing enough, you'll also graduate fully equipped to teach a variety of styles of yoga and start living your dream job helping others to improve their own experience of health & wellness. Graduates are eligible for registration with the Yoga Alliance as 200 RYT. 

Check out our Curriculum, Daily Schedule, Locations, and Register for individual modules open to the public, here on our website! 

Seaside Thryve Program.jpg

What clients are saying about this program:

"Having found my physical & mental health in Jeopardy about two years ago, I took a chance and signed up for Kristin’s Personal Practice Program. Two years later, I can say I still follow her flows and use the positive self-talk techniques she taught me. It’s the perfect course if you feel your life needs a reboot!"


"Through Kristin’s program, I was able to delve deeper into the true essence of yoga through personal practice. I found that developing this practice assisted me in handling the daily crisis of this so called life. Through this program, she also introduced me to new journaling techniques and meditation, both of which have been life and sanity savers and kept me GRATEFUL. Now I am able to escape to the mat to find serenity and spirituality in the comfort of my home. I have never met a better yoga teacher."


"Kristin’s program was a dream come true for me. In the past, I was uncomfortable with regular yoga classes because of my physical limitations, and this program helped me ease into, and feel confident about, my yoga practice with one-on-one training sessions, check-ins, and a yoga sequence designed specifically for me. I was able learn the poses at my own pace in a comfortable environment and replaced chronic back pain and stiffness with a graceful yoga routine that I absolutely love. This was a wonderful healing journey for me body and soul."

- Elle