I spent the last ten years as a Pediatric ICU and Surgical Nurse and recently earned my yoga certification through a 30-day immersion program at the Seven Centers in Sedona, Arizona. 

I began practicing yoga in September 2011 as a preventative practice for my active lifestyle as an avid rock climber, runner, cyclist and snowboarder. I found much relief from injury along with stress management through my yoga practice. 

I made the transition from student to instructor over the last year as I became more and more passionate about giving back to the community and sharing the benefits of yoga with others.

For my Seaside Yoga class on Wednesdays, I will teach a basic Hatha Flow, focusing on foundational poses, body alignment and breath work. My classes are comforting and welcoming to those of all experience levels. Each movement is explained from its foundation and modifications and variations are offered for beginners as well as those seeking a more advanced practice. 

I find it important to remember that you come to your mat to work on yourself; make each class reflect your own practice - it should never be about comparing or competing with others. That is the environment I work to create in my classes.