Bryn Reese

"My journey into yoga started years ago at a large chain gym. It was a very cookie cutter representation of what yoga can be and, unfortunately, left out a lot of the things that really make yoga beautiful to me. A few years ago a friend brought me to a local studio where I got involved with Cannon Beach Yoga Festival. I volunteered two years, and over that time got to know the spiritual side of yoga and its benefits beyond the physical body. A few years later I was approached by my local Martial Arts gym to start coaching for them and began an adventure into the personal training/coaching world. I was a substitute coach for kids classes and I also coached a women's fitness program. I loved coaching; I loved watching people make substantial gains in their physical strength, it was a beautiful experience. Every month I would meet with my clients to track their goals and I quickly realized that health, real, full well-being, encompasses so much more than our physical body. The women who saw the biggest gains were those who were willing to make changes in their mind and bring their experiences home from the gym. In order to be truly healthy, we must live healthy in the mind, body and spirit. I stopped to think about where I found health in all those corners of my being and of course, yoga was the first thing to come to my mind. That realization is what led me to become a yoga teacher. I want to help people heal themselves by introducing them to a yogic lifestyle and teach them how its benefits can help them balance their health. My experience is an Ashtanga based training, with a Vinyasa practice of my own. I look for sharing my love and passion with all of you! Namaste!"